Spiced Apple Curried Sausages

Spiced Apple Curried Sausages

Spiced Apple Curried Sausages

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What’s in my Spiced Apple Curried Sausages

This recipe was designed keeping in mind Josh and Sue’s Spiced Apple Chutney.

When I received a package of goodies to create some recipes with my first thought was that I wanted to create a recipe where it featured as the main ingredient and not just as a side to a dish.

Replacing chunks of fresh apple that would otherwise feature in this recipe with Spiced Apple Chutney was a no brainer and I have to say it works so well!

Josh and Sue is a family-owned and operated Australian company. Their range offers a selection of high-quality, gourmet food products, lovingly created in Daylesford, regional Victoria.

Their Spiced Apple Chutney is a great match for pork dishes in general whether it be a roast pork or a pork terrine.

It is also great accompaniment to other roast meats like chicken as well as a lovely feature on a cheese platter, it would pair beautifully with cheddar or white stilton.

For the full recipe check out Spiced Apple Curried Sausages - A Humble Yet Deliciously Easy Dish! (arecipeblog.com)


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