Our Harissa 4 pack

Josh and Sue Harissa Family; Rose Harissa, Mint Harissa, Preserved Lemon Harissa and Harissa Paste, hand crafted in Daylesford, Victoria Australia
Based on the success of Rose Harissa we introduced 3 other Harissa products to our range. Now you can grab them all in one handy pack; Our Harissa pack contains the following;
Our Brand New Harissa Paste, it is 25% hotter than our Rose Harissa, along with our Mint Harissa and Preserved Lemon Harissa and our best seller Rose Harissa.
Mint Harissa - matches with roast vegetables or lamb - 1 Chilli Rating
Preserved Lemon Harissa - matches with Chicken or Fish - 1 Chilli Rating
Rose Harissa - matches with cauliflower, chicken, beef or any root vegetable - 2 Chilli Rating
Harissa Paste - matches with Beef, chicken, root vegetables is 20-30% hotter than Rose Harissa, we have added in a second variety of chilli to give you a slow burn - 3 chilli rating.
They are all Vegan and Gluten Free, contain all natural ingredients and each item is amazing with root vegetables or your favourite protein..
Our Rose Harissa is featured as a key ingredient in some of the hottest cook books right now. All Our Products Are Handmade In Small Batches With Fresh Australian Ingredients. We offer our ​Gluten Free and Vegan Red Harissa Paste in a 3 Pack for $25.95, (Josh&Sue Rose Harissa 3 Pack) or a pack containing Preserved Lemons and Rose Harissa, check out full range on line.
We launched our Rose Harissa Paste in 2013, it is so easy to use, marinate chicken, fish or steak, even coat a cauliflower or potatoes and bake. Rose Harissa is an Essential Ingredient in North African and Middle Eastern cooking.
Yotam Ottolenghi and Jamie Oliver use Rose Harissa in so many recipes.
Our Red Harissa, Rose Harissa Paste is created in Melbourne Australia it is versatile and easy to use as a marinade, in dressings, dips & sauces or as an ingredient in cooking. Stir into sour cream to serve with potato wedges. Add to Cous Cous or any tomato based dish to give it a little lift. Rose Harissa is amazing on roast potatoes, carrots, chicken, fish or pasta. Add to a pizza base or use anytime you would normally use a pesto. Dollop a spoonful on to your favourite breakfast.
Why not check out our preserved lemons as well.
Preserved Lemons
All natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or fillers. ​Gluten Free and Vegan.

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