Are lemons good for you? How do you use Preserved Lemon Harissa??

Health Benefits of Lemons

Did you know we have a Preserved Lemon Harissa in our range?

We are often asked how to use it. Here we are addressing how to use Preserved Lemon Harissa and the health benefits of lemons!

Did you know that lemons help improve your digestive system, are low in calories, are a good source of vitamin C, why not check our our Preserved lemon Harissa, not only is it good for you, it is low in calories, add a summery zing to your meals and is super easy to use,


How do you use Preserved Lemon Harissa Paste, you ask, check out the table below.

  • Perfect with chicken or fish
  • amazing with cauliflower or egg plant
  • try it with chickpeas
  • add to sauces or dressings
  • add to your stirfrys
  • as a marinade
  • coat your root veges before you bake them.

Not only is it full of flavour, but the lemon is also good for you. Lemon has so many health benefits;

  • Lemons are full of Vitamin C
  • lemons help control weight
  • Help with alkalizing body pH
  • are high in fibre
  • improve skin health
  • lemons are so good for you.


How to use Preserved Lemon Harissa Paste


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