How do you use Harissa Paste?

how to use Harissa Paste

We are often asked how to use Harissa Paste, well here is a list of ways to use our Josh&Sue Harissa paste, it is an essential ingredient in your pantry or fridge.

  • add to pasta
  • add to a dressing
  • add to omlettes, scrambled eggs or Shakshuka
  • in soups
  • as a marinade
  • add dressing, dips or sauces
  • perfect with Root Vegetables
  • add to tagines or stews
  • add to your next chicken tray bake.

You can use our Rose harissa in exactly the same way, our Rose Harissa is more mild, with a delicious hint of Rose water undertones.


Harissa paste is so delicious and super versatile, but did you know that Harissa also has some health benefits too? This is what we found while researching online. Harissa and chillis have lots of potential health benefits, while adding flavour simply to your meals. Just add one to two teaspoons to your next meal and wait for the compliments.

Health benefits of Chilli Harissa Paste

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