What is the difference between a Dry Harissa Rub and Harissa Paste?

What is the difference between a Dry Harissa Rub and Harissa Paste?

Harissa is a fiery Tunisian paste, made predominantly from red-hot chillies, and spice and is used in a wide variety of foods. 

What is Harissa Rub?

A spiced blend of spices, Chilli, cumin and garlic, it is a dry blend with no added liquid. A fragrant North African spice blend that is very versatile and spicy, use as a dry rub on meats, fish, chicken, add to tacos, tagines, curries, root vegetables, chickpeas or tofu.

Josh and Sue Harissa RUB

Food lovers enjoy our fiery harissa sprinkled onto meats as a dry marinade before cooking.

Use Harissa Rub as a dry rub or add it to dishes where you want the spice without the added moisture. The perfect way to spice up a hummus, or salad dressing without increasing the amount of oil or making it too runny.

With Harissa Rub you can make just the right amount of paste you need for your dish, by adding Josh&Sue Harissa Rub mix with water, olive oil or lemon juice to create the consistency you desire. 

Many recipes use paste form of the spice blend. You can replace harissa paste with harissa rub by shaking a little rub over dishes, or  make your own harissa paste by adding the oil or water to our Harissa rub yourself. Simply add enough of the liquid to get it to the right consistency.

The Dry rub will last in your pantry for months .

Adding to Josh and Sue's already successful wet harissa range we are delighted to introduce a dry Harissa rub, is a real flavourbomb.  The lingering chilli flavour will set your tastebuds alive. Yum

What is Harissa Paste?

Harissa paste is a liquid blend of chilies, cumin, and garlic and spice blended with Olive Oil to form a paste.


Josh and Sue Harissa Paste

Josh and Sue have a range of different Harissa Pastes, including a Fiery harissa paste, Preserved lemon harissa paste and a Mint and coriander harissa paste and the most popular variety, Rose Harissa which contains rose petals.  Some harissa blends include stewed tomatoes which will provide moisture, enabling the spice to  blend into a paste.

How do you use Harissa?  12 ways to use Harissa Paste...

Harissa is incredibly versatile and so easy to use, cook like a Masterchef, impress your family and friends with the flavour bomb of an ingredient.

Use Harissa paste to marinate Beef, chicken, fish and vegetables.

Add to a burger mix.

Dollop on eggs or avocado toast.

coat root vegetables before cooking

Add to a pizza base.

Add to any tomato based dish

Add to soups and tagines and curries

Mix with cous cous or quinoa

Stir into sour cream and serve with potato wedge

Use in place of a pesto or pasta sauce

Add to dips and sauces

As an ingredient in to anything you cook.

Coat chickpeas or tofu before cooking.

Harissa is so amazing as a spice blend we have added Harissa to our Dukkah launching our new Harissa Dukkah along with our Harissa Rub. Why not check out Josh and Sue Harissa Dukkah.

Josh and Sue Harissa DukkahJosh and Sue Harissa Dukkah



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