Moroccan Pot Roast Lamb

Moroccan Lamb with Josh&Sue Harissa Paste and Preserved Lemons

Moroccan Lamb ingredients, Harissa Paste, Preserved Lemons    

My Moroccan Pot Roast Lamb is a quick and easy powerhouse of a dish.

It comes together with minimal prep and effort yet the flavours of the final dish are truly astounding and will truly transport you to the streets of Marrakesh.

Find the full recipe here.

 Enjoy other recipes here Moroccan Lamb Shank Tagine that is always a hit, as well as my Moroccan Chicken and Date Tagine, so give them a try too!

Both are extremely flavourful and delicious.

Images and recipe created by Meagan from @arecipeblogger

For the full recipe from A Recipe Blogger click the link below.

Moroccan Pot Roast Lamb - Deliciously Easy One Pot Wonder Recipe! (


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