BBQ Corn with Chilli & Lime Aioli

BBQ Corn with Chilli & Lime Aioli


BBQ corn may be the simplest dish in the world to cook. But we’ve got some great tips to elevate the flavour of your next BBQ!


4 corn on the cob, husk removed

2 tbsp butter

4 tbsp Josh and Sue Chilli and Lime Aioli

4 tbsp grated parmesan cheese

2 limes

Coriander to serve


The trick to great grilled corn is to cook it long enough to get a char, but not so long that the kernels end up juiceless and dry.


Preheat your BBQ until very hot, aiming to cook the corn quickly without burning.


Place the corn on the BBQ and cook for about 10 minutes, turning regularly. This ensures charred corn that is still juicy and tasty. Just before you are ready to remove the corn from the BBQ, baste with butter.


To serve, roll each cob in parmesan cheese and squeeze half a lime over each. Dollop with Chilli and Lime aioli on each cob, sprinkle with coriander leaves and eat immediately!



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