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I won a Bronze Medal at the 2017 Australian Food Awards., our Josh&Sue Chilli Jam is a real winner.

Our Chilli Jam, is a delicious combination of sweet and heat. Fabulous on cold meats or a cheese platter, burger, slider or use as an ingredient. Our Chipotle Chilli Jam! 

Hand Made in Regional Victoria, all natural ingredients.

No fillers or preservatives, GLUTEN FREE.

Ingredients: Sugar, Tomato puree, Chipotle chilli, Vinegar, Maize starch, Curry paste (Water, shallot, lemongrass, sunflower oil, galangal, garlic, salt, chilli, shrimp paste (shrimp, salt), kaffir lime peel, tapioca starch, acidity regulator [330]), Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Shrimp paste, Xanthan gum [415], Lemongrass.

​Jamie Oliver has just aired in Australian - 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food recipes and he uses a Rose Harissa, Dukkah, Preserved Lemons and Chilli Jam. All of these are available here at Josh&Sue Gourmet Selection.



"This is very loved favourite with in my family , we buy extra jars to give to family to take home after bbqs. Love love it ." Judy S. 


"Not only is this chili jam the greatest thing since sliced bread, it tastes great on it, as well as toast and scrambled eggs. I put some on some pasta and cheese the other day to liven it up. If I have the chance, I use it on almost anything. Amazing." Mike D


"Love this chilli Jam, so good with everything from steam to chicken to bacon and eggs In morning.... you just have to try it for yourselves👩‍🍳💗" Toni K. 

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