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The Family Favourites gift hamper for those who deserve the finest in gifts and the finest in flavours. Packed full of Australian made gourmet goodness, there's artisan goodness for everyone and every occasion, all presented in a premium gift box.

Satisfy your summer cravings with our Family Favourites Condiments Essentials pack! From sweet and savoury sauces, you'll have everything necessary for all your entertaining needs at home or while grilling up a storm.

Presented in a giftbox, perfect to send directly to your loved ones. Want to add your personalised message to? comment in our notes section and we will add a Gift tag.


Our entire gourmet food range is Gluten Free, and these are all Vegan too, crafted in small, artisan batches to ensure the perfect flavour and quality every time.

The perfect gift idea for foodies, the Summer Essentials Gift Hamper is perfect as a thank you hamper, birthday hamper, as a settlement gift or corporate gift.

Our 10pc gift pack contains:

1 x Mustard & Tarragon Dressing

1 x Rosemary Infused Mint Jelly

1 x Cranberry Sauce with a hint of Muscat 

1 x Spiced Apple Chutney

1x Harissa Rub

1x Raspberry & Vanilla

1 x Green Tomato Pickle

1 x Seville Marmalade with a hint of scotch

1 x Raspberry Vinegar

1 x 4 Seasons Salt & Pepper

Want to know more about each item?


 Mustard & Tarragon Dressing



Bring classic French flavor to your meals with this Mustard & Tarragon Dressing. Perfect for salads, chicken, fish, and vegetables, this zesty dressing adds a unique touch to any dish. Drizzle it over chat potatoes or mash potatoes for a gourmet touch, or add a splash to your burgers for a unique flavor. Enjoy the warm and creamy taste of this delicious French dressing.

Our Mustard & Tarragon Dressing is an all-natural blend of mustard seeds and fresh tarragon, crafted by a family business. It is gluten-free and vegan, making it a delicious choice for any lifestyle. Enjoy the full flavor of mustard and tarragon in every bite!

Gluten-Free and Vegan, all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or fillers. 

Made in Regional Victoria to Josh&Sue's family recipes.

Ingredients; Water, Mustard (Water, Mustard Seed, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Spices, Citric Acid, Soy Lecithin, Colour) (20%), Canola Oil, Vinegar, Sugar, Cornflour, Lemon Juice, Taragon (1%). 


Josh&Sue Rosemary Infused Mint Jelly


Our Rosemary infused Mint Jelly is a perfect match with roast vegetables and roast lamb.

Serve with hot or cold lamb, pork or duck. Add to a gravy or use as a glaze. Add to your next meat sandwich. Toss a little through beans or peas.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Apple Juice Concentrate, Acetic Acid (260), Citric Acid (330), Fruit Pectin (440), Mint (0.15%), Rosemary (0.15%)

Josh&Sue Cranberry Sauce with a hint of Muscat 


Our traditional Cranberry sauce has a little splash of Muscat, serve with hot or cold pork, chicken or beef. Add cranberry sauce to your next meat sandwich. Use as a glaze or mix into your gravy.

 Ingredients: Sugar, Cranberries (33%), Water, Muscat Wine (1%), Fruit Pectin (440), Citric Acid (330)


Josh&Sue Apple Chutney


Perfect for Pork, Apple chutney is a perfect accompaniment to roast chicken and is divine on pork, perfect with cheeses such as cheddar or white stilton. Our spiced apple chutney is an essential condiment for the Christmas table, then use the balance of the apple chutney on your roast meat sandwiches or add to gravy, It gives Pork a real zing.

 Ingredients: Apple, Sugar, Water, Salt, Chillies, Chives


Josh&Sue Harissa Rub


Adding to our already successful wet harissa range we are delighted to introduce our  NEW dry Harissa rub is a real flavourbomb.  

Harissa is a fiery Tunisian paste, made predominantly from red-hot chillies, and used in a wide variety of foods.  With our new Harissa Rub you can make just the right amount of paste you need for your dish, by adding Josh&Sue Harissa mix with water, olive oil or lemon juice to create the consistency you desire.  Food lovers enjoy  our fiery harissa sprinkled onto meats as a dry marinade before cooking.

Our fragrant North African spice blend that is very versatile and spicy, use as a dry rub on meats, fish , chicken, add to tacos, tagines, curries, root vegetables, chickpeas or tofu.

Mix with Olive Oil or lemon juice to make a paste, add our harissa rub over meat, fish, prawns, add to burger meat, add to Greek yogurt, sauce or mayonnaise.

Mix with stock or lemon juice to make couscous or quinoa, add to soups and casseroles for a wonderful depth of flavour.

Sprinkle over chopped vegetable with a little olive oil before roasting.

Gluten, dairy and preservative free and Vegan friendly. No fillers or preservatives, all natural ingredients.

 Ingredients: Smoked Paprika, Garlic powder, Garlic powder, Salt, Chilli powder, Cumin, Pepper, Coriander Seed, Parsley, Oregano.


 Josh&Sue Raspberry & Vanilla Sauce


Our Raspberry and Vanilla Sauce can be used in so many ways, swirl through cheesecakes before chilling or baking, serve drizzled over ice cream. Gently warm and drizzle over freshly made muffins and cakes.  Stir through whipped cream and spoon into profiteroles. Enjoy over a pavlova, add to a smoothie or milkshake.

Raspberry & Vanilla Sauce ingredients; Water, Sugar, Raspberries, Tapioca, Lemon Juice, Salt, Vanilla Essence, Citric Acid [330], Spices


Josh&Sue Green Tomato Pickle



Josh & Sue's Green Tomato Pickle is a fresh, gluten-free and vegan-friendly addition to your favorite dishes. Made with carefully-selected ingredients, this colorful new pickle provides an authentic, flavorful taste you'll love.

Our Green Tomato Pickle is a delicious condiment for adding flavour to any savoury dish. Its tart hearty taste pairs perfectly with any red meat, and its versatility allows for it to be spread on bread, added to a marinade, or used as a topping for casseroles. Enjoy it with your favourite cheese or crusty bread for a delicious addition to your meal.

Gluten-Free and Vegan, all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or fillers. 

Made in Regional Victoria to Josh&Sue's family recipes.

Ingredients; Onion, Green Tomato, Sugar, Green Capsicum, Celery, Green Cayenne Chilli, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Herbs and Spices 


Josh&Sue  Seville Marmalade


Our Seville Marmalade with a hint of Scotch is a real Heartwarming starter to the day. Enjoy anytime when you want a hint of citrus and something special.

Delicious Seville Oranges finely chopped peel with a splash of Scotch. ​Gluten-Free and Vegan.

Who knew you could even make a Lady Marmalade cocktail.

One Seville Marmalade with a hint of Scotch is a real gourmet treat, handcrafted in Regional Victoria, it has won several awards, why not add a jar to your cart.

Ingredients; Sugar, Water, Seville Oranges, Whisky, Citric acid, Pectin

Made in Regional Victoria  to Josh&Sue's family recipes.


4 Seasons Salt  & Pepper


A delightful combination of black, white, pink and green peppercorns are combined with our brilliant Australian Rock salt for an enchanting flavour that matches anything from BBQ to fresh salads. This spectacular array of colours can visually animate your dish as well as your taste buds.

Ingredients: Australian rock salt, Black pepper, White pepper, Green pepper, Pink pepper.

No preservatives or additives. ​Gluten-Free, Kosher and Vegan.


Josh&Sue Raspberry Vinegar


Raspberry vinegar is a great condiment to have around the house making a great base for salad dressings. This fruity raspberry vinegar is delicious drizzled over salads, steam vegetables or Asian greens. Add a dash to sparkling mineral water for a refreshing drink. Add to sweet and sour dishes for a delicious zing. Marinate berries or pour over ice cream, Our Raspberry Vinegar can be used as you would use a Balsamic. Yum!

All-natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or fillers. ​Gluten-Free and Vegan.

Ingredients; Sugar, White Vinegar, Raspberry juice concentrate


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Most delicious condiments

Josh&Sue have the most delicious condiments which my family always love. I order from them at least every Christmas and often Easter's or special celebrations - they are always delicious, perfectly wrapped and received with excitement! Thank you for creating such fabulous products ❤️